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GiantLeap provides knowledge, clarity, and guidance about your child’s development to help you make data-driven decisions from the comfort of your home

Discover your child’s abilities and how to nurture them




How it works

Follow our neuropsychological gamified evaluation together with your child

Step 1:

Our evaluation games are designed to map your child’s abilities in just three short 10-minute sessions

Step 2:

Our easy to follow online questionnaires are designed to understand your child’s functioning in home and school environments



Evaluation results are displayed
in an interface designed specifically for parents

Truly comprehensive

Beautifully displayed

Detailed view of how your child's brain is wired

Abilities Map:

Age-sensitive comparison scale for every ability

Detailed explanation of what each ability means

Specifies measurements and how they relate to the child’s day-to-day

Abilities Breakdown:

Take Action

GiantLeap doesn’t just make this data accessible for you, it helps you make data-driven decisions with personalized insights at your fingertips

Activity Cards:

Suggestions for best-suited after-school activities

Enrichment courses and services recommendations

Physical and online products recommendations


Tested at the Texas Medical Center, GiantLeap helps parents understand what they can do to foster their kids’ strengths as well as better support them in areas where they might need extra help.

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