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The guidance of child learning development experts at your fingertips

Map your children’s abilities,
Receive personalized guidance,
Empower them to succeed.




If you want to map your children's abilities, reveal weak points without harmful labeling, and highlight strengths to build confidence from an early age.

Come take a GiantLeap with us!

How it works - step by step


Step 1:

Answer easy to follow questionnaires that are automatically scored and analyzed by our system

Have your child play our enjoyable, stress-free, and easy to use evaluation game

Step 2:

Step 3:

Get a 360-degree strengths & abilities map, coupled with a personalized work plan that adapts to progress


Can be conducted at home using any tablet device

Evaluation requires 30m of screen time once every 3 months


Tested at the Texas Medical Center, GiantLeap helps parents understand what they can do to foster their kids’ strengths as well as better support them in areas where they might need extra help.

Robyn Correll, “12 signs your child is gifted”, published on 11/01/2019


Our gamified evaluation and decision support platform is designed specifically for kids as young as 4 years old.

Addresses concerns by providing an easy-to-follow, details overview of every measurement, along with an index of relevant specialists.

Personalized work plan lays out what skills should be worked on at every stage of your child's development.