GiantLeap provides clarity and guidance about your child’s development to help you make data-driven decisions from the comfort of your home.

Discover your child’s abilities and how to nurture them



Advantage Testing

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Step 1:

Have your child play our evaluation games designed to map multiple abilities in just three 10-minute sessions

Step 2:

Answer easy to follow questionnaires designed to understand your child’s functioning in both home and school environments



Access the forefront of child neuropsychology translated to an intuitive language
Comprehensive view of how your child’s brain is wired
Detailed explanation of what each ability means
Specifies measurements and how they relate to your child’s day-to-day

Take Action

Acquire personalized strategies for nurturing your child’s development with confidence
Mini courses consisting of bite-size parent-and-child activities
Activities are personally selected based on your child’s evaluation results
Designed to develop healthy habits, behavior patterns, and life-skills

Your data is safe with us

Server-side protection certified under major privacy and security standards
Data is only used for internal purposes
Follows the AES specification and TLS protocol
ISO and SOC compliant
GiantLeap is best suited for ages 4-8
when brain plasticity is at its peak

Seize the window of opportunity

Nurturing skills during early childhood will set the foundation of your child’s future learning and behavior

Tested at the Texas Medical Center, GiantLeap helps parents understand what they can do to foster their kids’ strengths as well as better support them in areas where they might need extra help.

Robyn Correll, “12 signs your child is gifted”, published on 11/01/2019

No more guessing and self-doubting